Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time to beat the Steelers...

I just read that the Bengals are riding a 9-0 winning streak into tonight's game against the Steelers! boo-yah!

Uh, to clarify, that's a 9-0 mark against the spread in Week 12 games. So going back to 1999, the Cincinnati Bengals are UNDEFEATED in terms of [ losing by less | winning by more ] than expected in week 12.

Who dey?
Who dey?
Who dey think they gonna cover the spread against those Bengals in week 12?


Put your money on the Bengals tonight, folks!

P.S. - Steelers fans/bettors: Don't think you can play only slightly better than us all night long and then get some miraculous Troy Polamalu defensive score to cover on the final play in regulation. That would be ridiculous.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Josh, your stats seem to have failed you.

- Mike K.

11:23 AM  

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