Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Face!

The Face!
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Eli can recognize the words "tongue" and "eyes" and respond appropriately by sticking out his tongue or blinking. He also randomly started making this funny face about a month ago whenever he was feeling cranky. We started noticing and saying to each other, "Look! He's doing the face!" So, of course, now he makes this face whenever he hears the word "face."

Sometimes it's kinda like that scene in Holy Grail when they keep saying "it". Ann will wipe something off his face and say the word 'face' and he'll shoot her the face. Then I'll say "Haha, you said 'face'!" and then he'll give me the face...

What a ham! He knows this gets the crowd going. ;-)

Happy Birthday, Elijah!!!! We love you!


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