Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Powered by Windows Mobile, and by Mennen

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Everyone acts like Apple's iPhone is so ground-breaking. Well, Microsoft doesn't plan to let Steve Jobs catch up, so they just keep on innovatin' in the mobile market. MS is apparently going to be the first to put their Mobile operating system into a PGD - Personal Grooming Device. Here's a sneak peak screenshot from the latest Windows Mobile Newsletter I subscribe to by email.

Unfortunately, you can't tell from the picture if it's running WM5 or the newer WM6. One would hope they would have used WM6 to leverage the new sync'ing capabilities with the advanced lift-and-cut system on this device, but you never know.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spring Formal

20070504 STE formal
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Here we just got back from the STE Beta Gamma Chapter Spring Formal 2007. I hadn't been to one of these since the first one in 2000. I was the oldest guy there. 8-o

If I look tired, it's because we just moved, we'd been working on the new place for a couple weeks, we were still unpacking, we were working with our agent back in Virginia on the sale of our old house, I'd been working at my new job for a week...

I know what you're thinking. So why doesn't Ann look tired? I don't know. She's the pregnant one. I know she is tired lately but she still always looks great. Go figure.