Monday, February 05, 2007

I Bought HDTV For This?

Actually I didn't. I already had an HDTV, bought 4 years ago, but I have no HD tuner. I did stop at Circuit City after church and look around for HD antennas and HD tuners, but didn't find much.

And I'm glad I didn't waste my money. I wonder how many people, having spent thousands of dollars in the last couple weeks for a sweet High Definition setup, enjoyed all those High-Def graphics overlayed against images of a hazy, foggy, Wayne-and-Garth-dream-sequence Super Bowl. Look at the amazing detail on all those water droplets on the camera lens!

Hopefully they'll get their money's worth next weekend watching the Pro Bowl. Maybe I'll get an HD tuner for the NCAA tournament...

In other news:

Worst Super Bowl Halftime Commercials ... Ever

Are you kidding me? A 6-month old Acura commercial, a 4-week old Ford commercial, and I don't remember what else. There were some good commercials in other parts of the broadcast; I thought Robert Goulet was pretty funny. But at halftime, we're supposed to get the really good stuff. CBS blew it again. 3 years ago they had the "wardrobe malfunction." Now I guess they're so scared of offending anyone they deliberately chose boring, humorless ads for halftime. Of course, they still let Prince make suggestive shadow puppets with a spotlight and a curtain as if he was Austin Powers. Very subtle.

By the way, where was the proposal? I thought some guy was going to propose to his girlfriend during the Super Bowl? Lame.